Greenwood Township Pavilion

Thanks to all those listed below, we were able to have a successful pavilion equipment build today! I can't tell you how many hours, days, months and years have gone into the planning and organizing to get us to this point. We now have picnic tables, trash receptacles, barbecue's, swings, slide and climbing structure at our pavilion. In a few more days all will be available for your enjoyment.

A very special THANK YOU to the following volunteers: (in no particular order)

Jerry Brittsan, Jim Korman, Matt Korman, Monica  Lawrence, Linda Korman, Doug Bailow, Darrel Hines ,Jim Hoshield, Jack Burt, Roger Sadler, Larry Lohr, Jennifer Barker, Jake Barker, Justin Joseph, Sue Johnston, Chris Cavell, John Gearheart, Ron Willmar, Mark McGuire, Barb Pitcavage, Linda Bailow,Tim Sheffer  and last but not least our mascot and on site boss Maddie!

These are the people who donated a large portion of their day which helped us get er done today!