Township hall

township pavilion

For rental information, please email: or call (989) 572-0456

The hall is unavailable on the second Wednesday of each month due to township meetings.  Also, it cannot be rented when there are Board of Review Meetings, Neighborhood Watch meetings, and the weeks before and after elections.

The pavilion is available for drop-in use daily at no charge (unless previously reserved).  Porta Potty is available during summer months.

The following dates have been reserved for 2023:


  • June 12th Hall
  • June 14th Hall
  • June 17th Hall


  • July 10th Hall
  • July 12th Hall
  • July 18th Hall


  • August 5th Hall
  • August 7th Hall
  • August 9th Hall


  • September 2nd Hall
  • September 11th Hall
  • September 13th Hall


  • October 9th Hall
  • October 11th Hall


  • November 6th Hall
  • November 8th Hall


  • December 2nd Hall
  • December 11th Hall
  • December 12th Hall
  • December 13th Hall


The following dates have been reserved for 2024:


  • January 8th Hall
  • January 10th Hall


  • February 5th Hall
  • February 7th Hall
  • February 17th – March 1 Hall – Election


  • March 11th Hall
  • March 13th Hall
  • March 27th Hall


  • July 24th – August 9th Hall – Election


  • October 26th – November 8th Hall – Election




1800 sq ft of event space, plus full service kitchen


40′ X 80′